President's Message

Engr. Saleem Qureshi

All praises to Allah Almighty for blessing me in the recently Hyderabad Gymkhana club elections. My most profound gratitude to all the worthy members for posing their trust in me.

I am fortunate that an excellent Managing Committee has also been elected. The first step of allocation of portfolios to the committee members was successfully undertaken without any hassle to the entire satisfaction of all my committee colleagues. We are now set to start working as a good and united team for the betterment of the club.

For now, Its my humble reuquest to all my honourable memebrs of the club, please keep guiding us. Your suggestions and guidance gives us the light to move in the right direction and to do the right decisions. We are all humans and tend to err, so please let us know where we make mistakes. That will help us to identify those areas for better performance and improvement.

I take this opportunity to wish every member a very blissful and happy year.

Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Honarary Secretary

Honarary Secretary's Message

Engr. Sajid Ali Bhutto

The current Managing Committee and I aim to bring a ‘Qualitative Change’, and proactive efforts are being made to create an environment that nurtures interaction, congeniality and creativity. Besides innovation and technological advancement, it’s imperative to focus on current areas of responsibilities and develop continuous improvement programs for desired results. Each resource as well as member of this prestigious institution therefore has a role to play and we are committed to facilitating the process.

I am highly indebted to the Gymkhana staff and all esteemed members for their profound appreciation and support. However, I believe that there is always room for improvement and welcome any suggestions that could help us make changes for the better.


The Hyderabad Gymkhana Club provides various sports and games facilities for its members.


The Club offers to its members almost all major indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

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Restaurant and Cafe

With several facilities catering to all tastes, all food is exquisitely prepared and reasonably priced.

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The Hyderabad Gymkhana Library provides a congenial environment for all readers.

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Parking Facility

Parking space for its members, that can accommodate up to 100 - 150 cars at a time.

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The Club accommodates the Masjid for perform Namaz for all prayers.

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Hyderabad Gymkhana Staff

Thousands of people get benefit


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Security Staff


Sanitation Staff

Food Menu

Our healthy and delicious food menu.

Fitness in the Club

The Hyderabad Gymkhana Club provides various sports and games facilities for its members.